L12: Weekly Reflections

The world has become such an “I want now” world that social media marketing can have an amazing impact on a company, for good or bad. If used correctly, social media can open the doors to convert website visits into product buys or action clicks. Because technology changes rapidly over time, I don’t feel that there are many short term goals that should be created and left as-is. Instead, I think that a web designer or developer needs to make sure that they are constantly updating and improving their sites to keep up with the changing technologies or fads.

With the above in mind, here are my short term goals that I would move over to the long term goal category once they were initially completed.

  • Add a set of vertical, floating social media buttons to each page. – This will allow me to make it quick and easy to share my photos and products online through social media outlets.
  • Customize my URL image and description for social media sharing. – This can be done through a WordPress plugin in that will help me customize the open meta tags that are read by Facebook, or other sites, when sharing a webpage. This plugin will help me brand my site when it is shared through my social media buttons I added in my first short term goal.
  • Share my site on my personal social media sites. – This will help spread the word and increase traffic to my site. It will also start giving me valuable link-backs to my site.
  • Add a pop-up window on my homepage offering mailing list sign-up. – This will help me create an easy-to-access mailing list to inform my customers of new products and build customer relationships.

Long term goals:

  • Update keywords as my site grows and changes. – This will help me continue to bring in relevance to my Google Ads and improve my customer user score.
  • Monitor the comments posted on the links I shared via my personal social media sites and stay active in conversations. – This will help me make improvements and develop more consumer awareness. It will also help put a face to my product.
  • Monitor the updates made as short term goals. – This will continue to help my site grow with the changing technologies and consumer wants.

To measure my goals, I will use Google Analytics to track the traffic coming in from different social media sites. I will do this by setting the Advance Segments to allow me to track a certain segment in Analytics and have all the information at my figure tips.  By using a tracking code to measure the number of visitors to my site, I will be able to tell which social sites I should focus on maintaining or if there are any that I should drop from my marketing strategy.

My biggest goal for social media use; I want to use social media to reach out to those I would not be able to connect with otherwise, not to hide behind the scenes.

A Note of Concern:

While I think social media can be utilized in some amazing ways, it is very important to make sure that the content you post will not come back to haunt you. I have seen one too many people be negatively affected by social sites. You should also understand the legal side of the sites. The content you post may become the property of the hosting site.

Other things I want to remember from this week:

  • Go to Canva.com to create images (sized perfectly) for both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Free version of a social media scheduling programs like Hootsuite.com, Buffer.com or Postplanner.com are available.
  • Youzigncomcan help you create graphics to use on social media sites.

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – Working with social media again has reminded me just how important it is to teach our kids how to use it correctly. I took the time this week to go over this again with my son.  


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