L11: Weekly Reflections

The weeks are speeding past as this class comes to an end, but I’m still learning so many things. Some of it I have heard about but never fully understood. I really took a look and my Google Analytics this week. I’m a nerd and love statistics, so I ate up all the numbers. My favorites was seeing that the average number of pages viewed per session was 1.71 and the average session duration was 1:43. I also love that I can see returning customers. I’m excited to see how social media works into my statistics next week.

As for AdWords, I was scared at the beginning of this class that I wasn’t going to get enough impressions, but I have plenty. The “hybrid” ad I created from my first two ads has taken off and has half the click my best ad has in less than half the time. Sweet!

Changing keywords on my landing site and in my ad campaign has already started to help me boost my SEO. Here is some information for the lesson this week I want to remember:

List the five best things you can do to help your sites be optimized for search engines. Explain your reasoning. (Words, titles, links, words in links, reputation)

  1. Review the words I have used on my site carefully to see what words I should keep or change, because search engines take into account every word on a webpage when it is ranking the pages in a search.
  2. Change the code titles that are unseen on my site, because these titles are picked up by search engines because they summarize the page.
  3. Make sure my links are working correctly and have a decent number of links, because search engines look for the number of links on a page and it tells it that there is good information on the site. I could add my website link to the other websites I host to help with this.
  4. Check the words used in my links, because the words in the links have weight in how a search engines rank websites.
  5. Try and add new photos and/or adventure blog pages to my site, because search engines want to see a good reputation being built and is done through site growth of quality links.

For three of your web pages, list at least one keyword that you want to optimize that page for and explain why you chose those words. (Primary and secondary keywords phrases appear in prominent positions in the headline, title, and content.)

  1. I want to optimize the keywords (around the world) used in my tagline on my home page to help drive quality traffic to my website.
  2. I want to optimize the keywords (wall, 2016) used in my description paragraph on my product page to help me convert potential customers.
  3. I want to optimize keywords (professional, photography, quality) found on my “About Me” page so that I rank better and connect with searchers.

Helpful link: Backlinks Checker Tool — Backlink Watch

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – I have already gotten to talk with a few people about my new found knowledge in Google AdWords and Analyics. One was with my son to help him understand how important it is to watch what keywords you use when you Google something, so that you don’t end up on a page you don’t want to see.


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