L10: Weekly Reflections

Welcome to week ten! I started my AdWords campaign late last Saturday night and I was thrilled to see that I had about 2,300 impressions and 8 clicks by Monday morning. One of my ads did twice as well as my second ad, and I am super excited that I finally feel as though I know what I am doing. I still have to Google how to do something every once in a while, but I feel like I understand how AdWords works now that I have seen it action. I was nervous that I still wouldn’t understand what I was doing or that I would somehow inadvertently rack up thousands of dollars that I would owe to Google. Eek! No worries though! I double checked to make sure that I had a daily bid set. $100 to spend over 27 = $3.70 for my daily budget. Each click has cost me around $0.46. I think it is fun to see the statistics on each ad/keyword. I’ve started to add the numbers into Project #4  and it has really helped me understand how the numbers work together to produce the CTR or conversion rate. It also helped me see where I may want to improve and where to start. I’m excited to see how my campaign does over the next few weeks!

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – I feel as though understanding how to setup a Google AdWords and Analytics account will help me contribute to any future company I may work for.  

Information I want to remember

Videos and Readings

Monitor your ads and keywords

What is Optimization


Use Negative Keywords to Eliminate Unwanted Clicks

Avoid Using Overly Generic Keywords

Use Appropriate Keyword Matching Options to Control Who See Your Ads

Expand Your Keyword List to Gain More Traffic


Improve Your Ads

Use Keywords in Your Ads to Make Them More Relevant

Add a Call-to-Action To Your Ads To Encourage Conversions

Direct Potential Customers to the Most Relevant Page on Your Site

Include Unique Selling Points to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Write A Compelling Headline

Test Your Ad Text Changes


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