L09: Weekly Reflections

In the spring of 2015 I took a class where I had to code two different sites over the course of the semester. The first one was done over most of the semester, while I only had two weeks to complete the second one for my class final and we couldn’t ask anyone for help. I had never created a single line of code before this class and I had to research a number of topics discussed in the class that were not covered in class and I had no prior knowledge about. I felt as though I stumbled through this class because I was able to follow, for the most part, the videos and instructions that were given to me.  I did well overall in the class, but at the end of the day, I didn’t understand the logistics of what I had done to set up my site. There would be no way I could tell anyone how to recreate what I had done. The worst part of it was that I didn’t know enough to be able to ask the right questions to get the answers. Thank heavens that I picked up on coding quickly, but I sadly ended up losing most of my code because I didn’t understand how an FTP worked. I’m still pretty sad about it, but I have spent a lot of time trying to recover my coded from scratch pages and have managed to find some of each page.

I recall this story now because this class has helped give me the right tools to be able to finally ask the right questions, which have led to me recovering my lost files. I also came across something that made me realize just how much I didn’t understand what I was doing in my last class that dealt with building a website. I went to open a Google Analytics account and found that I already had one! I was surprised at first, until I saw my old website name. It made me smile because I now really think that this class should be rearranged in some way and/or I needed to take a web basics class or something as a prerequisite. Anyway, I had to do some digging to figure out how to add my new website to my exciting Analyics account.

I used NetBeans to code my last sites, but this semester, I am using WordPress to build my site. I have tried to do each activity for this class with the question of “how would I code this from scratch”. Sometimes I know the answer to this question and other times, I have no clue. I’m happy that most of the unknown coding knowledge I have deals with making things move on my page correctly. Either way, I have enjoyed this class.

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – I feel that knowing the different parts and how to set up a website can help me teach my children how to browse the internet more safely, because I can teach them how things like keywords work.    


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