L08: Weekly Reflections

I thought I’d start by sharing what I worked on this week. I opened an AdWords account at the beginning of this class when I first heard we would need one to try and get a jump start on things. However, this kind of backfired. I started an “inactive” campaign and had all my keywords entered and then realized that I couldn’t apply the $75 credit given by Google to my account because my account had been opened for longer than 15 day. Bummer. I ended up creating a new AdWords account and applying the credit right away. Then I redid my campaign ad. At least I got in some extra practice.

A little about what I learned -Text ads, the simplest version of the online ads AdWords offers, have three parts: a headline, a display URL, and two description lines. It looks like this:

Headline – 25 characters
Display URL – 35 characters
Description – 35 characters per each line (line 1)
Description – 35 characters per each line (line 2)

In the end this is the ad I came up with to use with for my website:

Stunning Wall Calendars
AD hinckleycalendars.com/
Custom images from around the world
Fast, free shipping. Now 30% off

The focus of the ad group associated with ad is to help promote and inform users of the type of calendar I am selling and the costs associated with it. Words like “stunning” and “wall” used in the tile help users to know what type of product the link will take them to. The second line of description gives the price of my product and lets users know that there is free shipping and they can expect their product on time. I also used the keywords “wall” and “calendar” to help display this ad in the appropriate location.

I used a number of the different tips found in the “Tips for Creating Successful Text Ads” reading, but I think the most beneficial one to my champing is the first tip, ‘highlighting what makes me unique’. I wanted the title to draw in my viewer with the word “Stunning” and show them that this wasn’t any ordinary calendar that they could order. When the second line of the description text is read, the reader will instantly know that my product is high quality. Both of these lines together help paint a picture of a unique product that I am sure they will be pleased with.

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – I worked in sales for many years, so I had lots of fun marketing my site and creating my own ad, but I really enjoyed reading my classmates’ ads and sound boarding ideas with them. I hope that what I learned this week combined with my sales experience created helpful ideas.  


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