L07: Weekly Reflection

As I was working on this week’s assignments, a few things occurred to me. A little back story first. I remember when I first started seeing the Google ads that would pop up now and again, but always ignored them because I thought it was just spam, like those annoying ads that popup and have nothing to do with what you are looking for or doing online. Once I learned about AdWords this week, how they work and how to set a campaign up, I started paying more attention to them. I started seeing these ads in a different light. They went from being super annoying, to a way that I could find information that is more relevant to my searches for product or research I was doing. Now they are helpful to me. I guess I didn’t trust them either and thought that they may download spyware or something that would harm my computer. Since I know that these ads are paid for spots, I don’t think that so much anymore. People probably won’t pay for advertising spots just to download spyware. Maybe they would if there is some sort of profit for them in the end. You may think this is silly, but if you have ever had your life hacked, you understand why I’ve always looked at these ads skeptically.

Now that that is out of the way, here are the specific things I want to remember from this week.

  • (This is a question and answer from an assignment.) Did you choose automatic or manual bidding options? Why? I chose automatic bidding for a number of reasons. The biggest deciding factor is that out of everything we have, and are going to do in this class, I don’t fully understand how the bidding works. I think it is something that once I see everything in action, I may start to understand its inner workings. I would like to switch to manual bidding as soon as I can, because from the research I’ve done, manual bidding seems to give you more control over bidding higher on specific keywords that could benefit your ad campaign more.


  • A broad match modify keyword is created by putting a plus sign in front of a specific keyword that I require to be present in a search someone does.


  • Each click on one of my ads will cost me money.


  • Make sure my daily budget is something that I can afford to pay for if each day is maxed out.


  • Make sure you have thoughtful keywords attached to your campaign that will help searchers see your ad.


  • Using keywords that are too broad will lead to more paid for clicks that won’t turn into product buys on your site.



To close my thoughts, “How will this class help those around me to develop?” – Learning about an AdWords campaign has given me the knowledge to have in depth conversation with some family members about the pros and cons. It has been a great sounding board for everyone involved.


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