L05: Weekly Reflection

This has been my favorite week so far. I learned how to create a PayPal button to embed in my site and learned about Checkout by Amazon and a free shopping cart such called Mercantec.

I got to build my site using the Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme to create a fun website that I am truly excited about. I have learned that using a site builder and template has pros and cons.


  • Once the theme is installed, it is easy to upload a demo plugin with features already in place for me to use on my site.
  • WordPress makes it easy to fix an error. I needed to edit the main php page to allow for a larger download amount and the tutorial on how to do that was very well written.
  • Your code is all organized for each element right there so that changes to backgrounds, margins, padding, and boarders is right there.
  • I can pick a grouping of text, images, and buttons from the demo and just drag it to where I want it and replace the existing content with my own.


  • While I was told that no coding experience is required, there is definitely a benefit to know how to code. I have been stumped a number of times on how to stylize something with the options they give me and I ended up just going into the code to change it.
  • I feel that some of the links are hidden and I have had to hunt down a few.

As you can see that the pros so far outweigh the cons, but I had awesome help setting everything up and I’ve only been playing with the site builder during this week. I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list once I start embedding codes from Google and PayPal.

The other thing I have noticed is that I keep get sucked into trying to just “finish one more thing”. Six hours later I am still just finishing one more thing. I love coding but hate it too because I always get sucked into fixing every small detail and getting things perfect. Having OCD is not a good thing when you code because nothing will ever be perfect.

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – I am able to share the knowledge I have gained this week with my son, who is highly interested in to coding and being a computer programer.


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