L03: Weekly Reflection

I have talked in depth with my husband, Aaron, about what I’m learning in this class. Not only has it been fun, but I thought it would be a neat idea to have him to join me in the online web business I have to put together this semester. I would do all the work to make the site happen and he would be more of a supplier, per se.

Web business ideas:

1) Digital photography sales: Aaron and I are both into photography and, while I am a newbie compered to him, we have lots of photos that we could sell. He puts together and sells calendars each Christmas and has had many people offer him money for the rights to use his photos on their website or to make a canvas print. I suggested that I could put together a website displaying his photos for people to buy for personal use or pre-order calendars.

  • If we sold digital photos then we wouldn’t have to worry about shipping anything. We could even combine our utility business model with banner advertisements.
  • Selling the calendars would mean that we would have to hold inventory or make this only a seasonal thing during the holidays.
  • Right now Aaron doesn’t make any money on his calendars and often loses money doing it but he really loves making them.

2) An adventures travel blog: Aaron and I have done a lot of travel both inside and outside to US. We have tons of pictures hanging around from each trip that would be really fun to put into a blog. Some of the site would be about places to visit on vacation and some as suggested day or weekend places. We could even have adventure ranking stars or sweat drops that indicate how difficult the adventure would be.

  • To make money, this site would have to have some sort of affiliate or two connected to it. Some of the ideas I have thrown around have been site selling equipment that would need to be purchased to do the adventure or a place to purchase plane tickets. Some sort of banner marketing could work as well.
  • It would be a lot of work to organize all the pictures and write up something to go with each set of pictures, but it would be lots of fun. We thought about narrowing it down to a vacation that we have taking recently that has a lot of daily adventure we could cover and then grow from there, if we decide to upkeep the site.

“How will this class help those around me to develop?” – Getting the chance to work with my husband on the creation of my website will help us grow together as a couple and within our shared passions.


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