L02: Weekly Reflection

I am currently taking a human resource class and B 250 and this other course seem to go hand-in-hand, so there will be a lot of overlap in my thought process between these two classes. The theme for the week seemed to fall around leadership; whether it was leading a group to come to a unified decision on a product and business model or allowing others to lead me through I-Learn’s new interface.

For this post I would like to reference one of my favorite speakers of all time, Elder David A. Bednar. In February 2010, Elder Bednar sat down with Brother Ralph Christensen to talk about leadership within the work force and our lives. They talked about the six basic types of work that leaders need to do.

  1. Define direction
  2. Organize work
  3. Counsel together
  4. Build capability
  5. Accomplish work
  6. Render an account of the things that we do

I thought about these six steps while I worked on our first project and looked at what each project will have us working on throughout the course:

  1. Project 1 – Choose a product
  2. Project 2 – Create your website
  3. Project 3 – Create a Google AdWords account
  4. Project 4 – Optimize your site
  5. Project 5 – Optimize your site
  6. Project 6 – Install & use Google Analytics

I don’t know about you but I feel that the two lists fall right into place with each other. A great portion of Elder Bednar and Brother Christensen’s conversation circled the concept that leadership is about “both what you do and what you leave [behind, and] the most important thing you can leave are people who have increased in capacity and confidence.”

I started thinking about this class in this manner and asked myself “how will this class help those around me to develop?” I don’t feel as though this is a question that has a final answer to it. I hope that my answer is one that will change and grow from week to week and even year to year. As for now, my answer would be: I hope this class helps me grow in both my leadership practices and principles so that I can stand as a worthy light for those around me to want to follow me when I have a leadership role.


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